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Who is Carl Jennings?

Carl is widely regarded as a leader in the field of elite coaching and mentoring, he is a recipient of the New Zealand Bravery Medal, a former international athlete and has an extensive coaching career spanning more than 30 years across a diverse range of sports.

He has been at the cutting edge of high performance sport in the northern and southern hemispheres and has worked with many of the worlds leading athletes and coaches across a number of varied sports.

Carl is the founder of The Super 6 High Performance Program a leading provider of physical and emotional development for young aspiring athletes.

Just a few of Carl’ roles and achievement.

Mental Skills Coach North Queensland Cowboys NRL 2021

MD CJSCC Pty Ltd (Jan 2009-Present)         

Owner Super 6 High Performance Program

Head of Athletic Development, NZ Warriors NRL (2012 to 2015)

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Crusaders Super 15s (2011 to 2012)

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Penrith Panthers NRL (2006 to 2011)

Head of Strength & Conditioning, British Lions RL (2004 to 2006)

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Canberra Raiders NRL (2001 –2006)

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Bradford Bulls UK (1996-2001)

Strength Coach – Leeds United FC EPL (1994-1996) 

Director Ultimate Power Sport Pty Ltd, Developers and owners of one of the worlds first creatine supplements Creatabolin C10, worked with Olympic champions, world champions and world record holder during this period (1990-1996)

National Champion and GB International Athlete 1987-1990 

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