Mental Skills & Application

I specialize in working with elite level sports organizations, teams and individual athletes.

Within team scenarios I support the head coach’s vision and work with the coaching staff to enhance the potential of the individual and team.

Experience has shown me that even the most diligent and intelligent high performer can often be unsure where required improvement or consistency will be found, along with being deficient in the ability to execute the required skill level and decision making under pressure.

I work with individuals to facilitate the development of detailed processes built on a foundation of enhanced personal awareness and behaviors that creates positive change within the individual, significantly improving performance.

Coaching situational awareness strategies helps the athlete deal with and overcome high pressure moments, developing the tools to fast track individual and collective potential in regards to skill execution and decision making in the big moments of a game or sporting event.

During this process it is important to create clarity, connection and alignment with the key stake holders within the organization to ensure the new processes are implemented seamlessly, enhancing the existing training and coaching environment.

“My program implements a structured approach to achieving high performance outcomes by developing clarity on the aspects of preparation and performance that are going to make the biggest difference in the shortest period of time”

Athletes and Clubs – Benefited from the program