Strength and Conditioning




I understand the detail associated with high performance athletic development, can design and implement sophisticated planning processes with a proven track record. I believe in working with head coaches and athletes in a collaborative approach and have achieved success over a sustained period as a coach and mentor to many of the worlds best athletes in the sports I have been associated with. My work ethic ensures I get the job done.

Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season Program Design.

Working with head coaches and athletes to ensure the training periods are accurate, meet specific goals and achieve desired outcomes.

Sports Program Reviews.

Confidentially working with clubs, coaches and management to enhance team coaching practices towards a more successful outcome.

Elite Sports Team Support

Each season I work with a small number of elite teams and head coaches offering my support. Current online technology enables me to work with teams on a global basis effectively.

Let me become your point of difference

Carl Jennings NZBM